Walter Caesar Mix – So long, Mott’s.

The Friday night mixer, the Sunday morning fixer: the Caesar (and not 42is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

The Caesar  Photo cred: Where Magazine
The Caesar
Photo cred: Where Magazine

If you like Caesars, then you know that the required mix ingredient has to be Mott’s Clamato. Well, that’s no longer true. There have been a few meagre attempts by other companies to produce a clam/tomato mix, but no one has been able to give Mott’s a run for its money. Until now. Until Walter stepped up.

Walter Caesar Mix is a Canadian product made by two Vancouver buddies. The mix contains all natural, premium ingredients and none of the high-fructose, food colouring and flavour enhancing additives that (who knew?) Mott’s is full of.

Photo Cred: Walter Caesar
Photo Cred: Walter Caesar

There’s no doubt that Walter is a different beast: it’s richer, not as sweet and with an in-your-face beefsteak tomato attitude. It takes a bit of getting used to – sort of like switching to granola after eating fruit loops your whole life.

Drinking a Walter Caesar is like snorkelling your way through the garden and finishing with a swig of the sea. The mix is noticeably thick; if have an issue with that, I propose an easy fix: just add more vodka.

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