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I have been salivating for months, waiting for Tres Carnales to open, and last week I finally saw the Tweet I’ve been waiting for: Chris, Daniel and Edgar (aka the Tres Carnales) officially declared their Taqueria open for business. Hallelujah.

I took the kid and off we went. It was mid-afternoon when we stopped by. The noon rush was over and we we pretty much had the place to ourselves, a rarity I understand, based on other reports coming down the pipes.

Chris was behind the counter and gave me a run down of the menu. This is what I like to hear: everything is homemade, everything is fresh; there are no freezers, and the menu changes frequently. There are no burritos, no tater tots and no taco grandes loaded up with nacho cheese. The Tres Carnales offers tamales, tortas and tacos. Tacos for the People.

While we waited, the cook was test driving some chorizo tacos and we benefited from it. Free samples are a good way to start any meal. The chorizo, like everything else, is made in-house, and it was some of the finest chorizo that has passed these lips in a long, long time.

Chris recommended the rajas con crema: roasted poblano peppers and corn, drizzled with a subtle Mexican sour cream. It’s a meat-free dish and sounded like a good third to the beef and pork tacos on order.

And speaking of beef, we went with the Arrachera, a marinated flank steak, grilled and served on tortillas. You can have the fillings (mentioned above, plus chicken and vegetarian) in tacos, tortas (sandwiches) or tamales at $10 per.

But what I was dying to try was the Tacos al Pastor, a shawarma-style dish made of marinated, slow-roasted pork loin cut off in juicy shavings that rest on a soft tortilla. It was just as good as I hoped it would be.

If you’re a guacamole fan, you’re going to be happy with what’s served here. The Tres Carnales smash their avocados to a perfect consistency but they must smash them with love because the proof is in the taste. Divine.
Love the decor, and the tables…

Currently, the taqueria is open Monday to Friday, 11 am to 10 pm, and Saturday 4 pm to 10 pm. I can’t wait to go back. This is fine, authentic Mexican food. Gracias, Tres Carnales. Gracias.

My CBC Edmonton AM review can be heard here, and go to Eating is the Hard Part to see what Chris had to say. His pictures are way better than my iPhone photos.

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Author: Twyla Campbell

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5 thoughts on “Tres Carnales – Restaurant Review

  1. You’re welcome, Chris. Our freezer is full of northern food; maybe once the mosquitos hit the road, and the rain stops, and we stay home for more than a day, we can get some fellow foodites together for a feast here. Sounds like fun!

  2. Chris…I have no idea what happened to your comment. It was there one moment, then gone the next. Sorry! if you want to resend, that would be great.

  3. After reading what you had to say Twyla & just looking at Chris’ photos, you almost had me running down there in my-summertime casual-bare feet. I had been looking forward to the place opening even more when my brother Kevin-former chef at The Bothy-mentioned he was ‘amigos’ with the three owners.

    A shower & change of clothes though are probably a good idea before heading downtown …& bare feet are frowned on too I suppose.

  4. Not so sure barefoot anywhere downtown would be a good idea 🙂 But spending time at Tres Carnales? Definitely one of the best ideas of the day. Thx for the note!

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