The Moth Café – Restaurant Review

I’ve officially crossed over to the “vegetarian-food-is-good” side of eating. I haven’t given up on meat, but my consumption of it has definitely decreased in the past 18 months. With more chefs focusing on vegetable-forward menus, it’s pretty easy these days to find some very tasty dishes.

There’s more to vegetarian food than sprouts and tofu, as I’m starting to find out.

If you’re on the fence, head to The Moth cafe and order the taro risotto or the jackfruit “crab” cakes, or the soup, or the pasta and (meatless) balls. You just might change your mind. And, I guarantee you won’t leave hungry (which is always a big concern for meat eaters).

You can listen to my on-air review of The Moth here, or read CBC web article here.

Eat your veggies.

Lavender kombucha and Kauai Gold blended ice drink
Jackfruit “crab” cakes and lentil walnut paté
Banana blossom, caramelized mushroom, tofu, miso soup
Taro and mushroom risotto

The Moth Café
9449 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB.