Tang Bistro – Restaurant Review

I knew I was in for a unique experience when I saw the use of pita bread and lamb in the dishes on the menu at Tang Bistro. These are not the usual ingredients you expect to see used in Chinese cookery.

Thankfully the servers were ready and keen to give me an education as to the whys and the how comes of the foods on the menu.

Tang—for those of you not up on Chinese history (like me)—is the name of the dynasty that presided over the most prolific period of the Silk Road trade route and the reason why ingredients like lamb and pita bread and spices like cumin and chilli appear on the menu.

For all the details, have a listen to my on-air review with Mark Connolly here, or read the CBC web article at this link.

Have a look at what we ate:

Big plate chicken (a bowl of sauteed chicken with potatoes, onion and green peppers in a thick sauce). Cold sliced beef with chili oil in the background; cucumber salad to the right.
Front to back: Liang-pi (cold noodles with bean sprouts and cucumber); sprouts with gluten; cold sliced beef.
Front: Roujiamo (Chinese hamburger) – slow roasted pork in a flat bun. Rear: lamb skewers; yangrou paomo (lamb soup with pita bread and noodles).

Tang Bistro is located at 8715 109 St; free parking can be found behind the restaurant. Call for reservations during peak hours  (587) 499-9999.


Author: Twyla Campbell

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