Ramen at Nudoru Hits the Spot

It’s taken me a while to make it to Nudoru on Whyte Avenue, but they do say that good things come to those who wait, right? Happy to report that the ramen is very solid here and makes my list of places to eat in Old Strathcona.

For a full review, listen to the on air session with Mark Connolly here, or click this link to read my CBC.ca article.

Here are the visuals:

Octopus fritters
Tonkotsu ramen with Irvings Farms bacon, pork belly, pork shoulder, soft egg, pickled onions, chili menma (bamboo shoots), nori.
Hot level of Dragon ramen.
Hot level of Dragon ramen.
L: Build your own bowl: spicy chili miso broth with pork belly, black fungus, scallions, soft egg and a side of roasted garlic oil. R: Kurobuta (Berkshire) gyoza.

Nudoru is located at 10532 82 (Whyte) Ave. Check out their Facebook page for more.