It’s Not Easy (or Tasty) Being Green

The liquid in the bottle was so oddly coloured, it seemed to be glowing. It looked awful. Almost alien-like. I had to buy it.

Was there any chance that this Verde tomato clam cocktail, the green version of Mott’s Clamato, could actually taste good?

I tried it three ways: unaltered, with just vodka and ice, and mixed with vodka, Worcestershire, Tabasco sauce, celery salt, black pepper and lime as you would when making a Caesar cocktail.

So, here we go:

Visual aspects: Moves like glycerin. Colour – 1958 Ford Thunderbird Cascade Green with flecks of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue Xtreme Wear nail polish.

Bouquet: Used wax crayons on the nose with subtle notes of rancid walnuts and Original Chapstick.

Taste: 1) Unaltered – Citric acid burn up front gives way to black peppercorns, green peppers, plastic pen tops and late harvest cucumber skins.

Verde, straight up.

2) With ice and vodka – same as above but plastic is less prevalent thanks to the vodka. (Would recommend 4 parts vodka to 1 part Verde.)

Verde and vodka over ice.

3) As a base for a Caesar cocktail – The seasonings (Worcestershire, Tabasco, et al) made it possible to take two swigs. Looks like compost liquid, tastes like regret.

A Verde Caesar

Overall thoughts: I’m surprised this product made it out of the boardroom brainstorm session and on to store shelves. My comments are a bit tongue-in-cheek but the descriptors are no exaggeration.

From what I can tell, Verde was first released last year just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. So, it’s a gimmick, pure and simple. It’ll sell because people will be curious about it, but I doubt people will buy it more than once.

Remember Heinz and the purple ketchup?

From the comments I read on Instagram, many people feel the same way about the Verde as I do. But go ahead, pick up a bottle and let me know what you think.

Love the hashtags.

P.S. My apologies to the people behind Tito’s vodka.


Author: Twyla Campbell

World-wide wanderer, CBC Edmonton AM Restaurant Reviewer, Member of Edmonton’s Slow Food convivium, oenophile, epicurean explorer and a freelance writer whose works have appeared in several magazines and newspapers including More, Above & Beyond, Avenue (Edmonton), Up Here, Northern Flyer, Opulence, City Palate, the Edible Prairie Journal, The Edmonton Journal, Slow Food Canada, Lifestyle Alberta, and on Slow Food Edmonton’s website. Grant MacEwan University (Professional Writing Program) Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree (in progress). I’m a Tweeter @wanderwoman10

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy (or Tasty) Being Green

  1. We bought this, made a ceasar, took a sip and wasted the whole drink down the drain , and we do not waste vodka. Ever. My apartment smelled of it for days. Weirdest thing though I think Motts paid to have any mention of the ‘beverage’ wiped from the internet because of this many friends and family do not believe this happened to my cousin and I.
    Thank you so much for the proof

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t too happy wasting good vodka either. I found some people’s posts on Instagram but there isn’t too much talk about this product out there. I think people are just stunned into silence because it’s so dreadful. Share my post with your friends and family so that they believe you. lol

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