Grain of Rice – Phung Family Back at It

It’ll be five years this Christmas Day since Helena and Khai Phung’s Treasure Restaurant burned to the ground in north Edmonton. Not exactly a happy anniversary to celebrate.  Worth celebrating, though, is the opening of their latest venture: Grain of Rice.

This new restaurant wouldn’t have happened had it not been for their son, Tony, and his encouragement, action, and determination to see his parents do what they love doing best.

In a land of franchises and fast food everything, it’s refreshing to find an independently owned and operated restaurant that doesn’t have a freezer full of frozen stuff waiting to hit the fryer.

Have a  look at what we ate, and listen to my review of Grain of Rice here, or read the CBC web article here.

Salad rolls – packed with shrimp, basil, vermicelli, julienned vegetables. Served with house hoisin. Homemade limeade to drink.
Shrimp crackers with cubed beef dip, and firecracker spring rolls (made fresh, on site).
Beef pho
The OG Bowl – rice, scallops, gai lan, tobiko, cucumbers.