Charlie’s Burgers, Toronto: The Anti-Restaurant

We’re off to Toronto to dine at Charlie’s Burgers. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Charlie’s Burgers has been described as the following: an “anti-restaurant”, “covert cuisine” and “cloak and dagger dining”.

And who is Charlie? Nobody knows.

Interested parties leave their email at the Charlie’s Burgers website and are sent a questionnaire which they fill out and send back. Last I heard, there were close to 1,000 interested parties out there spanning 21 countries. Those chosen for the event, which features guest chefs creating menus using out-of-the-norm ingredients, are given a set of instructions as to where to go and when, along with a password to get in.

Very cloak and dagger.

Talk about weird, wild and wonderful! Check out the menu:
Pagnirtung Fiord Roasted Turbot with Salt Pickled Lemon Roasted with Beurre Blanc and Batawana Bay Herring Roe

Tuktoyaktuk Smoked Meat Sandwich (Smoked Whale Meat on Mustard Seed Bannock), Chelsea Pickle on the side

Ceviche of Narwal and Muktaq, Frozen Narwal with Soya, with Fried Beluga Morsels and Wakame Salad

Cape Dorset Arctic Char 4 ways (Tataki, Ginger Cured, Fennel Candied and Smoked) with Rice Wine Radishes, Apple Crème Fraiche, Fried Fennel, Celery Root Remoulade,

Mipkuzola Chips and Dip – Oven Baked Mipkuzola (Air Dried Muskox)Chip, Muhamara Caribou Kibbeh Nayyeh, served with Zatar Mayo, Fresh Pita, Pomegranate

Iglukik Walrus Mac and Cheese – Iglukik Igunaq Bacon Bits and Grilled Iglukik Walrus with Aged Cheddar Mac and Cheese and Pan Seared Foie Gras

Qikitarjuaq Bouillabaise (Musk Ox, Seal Meat, Cloudberry Juice) with Carrots, celery, onion, fried soba noodles and Saffron Sabayon

Inuksuk – Ice Wine Akutak Profiteroles with Blue Berry Purée and Spun Sugar

I’ll file a report when we return. If we return.
Update: my report of the Charlie’s Burger event can be found here


Author: Twyla Campbell

World-wide wanderer, CBC Edmonton AM Restaurant Reviewer, Member of Edmonton’s Slow Food convivium, oenophile, epicurean explorer and a freelance writer whose works have appeared in several magazines and newspapers including More, Above & Beyond, Avenue (Edmonton), Up Here, Northern Flyer, Opulence, City Palate, the Edible Prairie Journal, The Edmonton Journal, Slow Food Canada, Lifestyle Alberta, and on Slow Food Edmonton’s website. Grant MacEwan University (Professional Writing Program) Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree (in progress). I’m a Tweeter @wanderwoman10

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  1. Norm…wow huh? What a great night, and yes we enjoyed it as much as everyone who got to participate. I need to wrap my head around everything so I can put up a worthy posting on it. Cheers!

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