Restaurant Review: Qué pasa, El Cortez!?

An exorbitant amount of talent, work and (obviously) money went into creating El Cortez Tequila Bar & Kitchen just north of Whyte Ave on Gateway Boulevard.  If a category exists for best restaurant interiors, award-winning music video director Michael Maxxis, the artistic cannon behind El Cortez, would surely walk away with the prize.  Maxxis, …

Pork and Chicken Platter 
Photo Credit: Dong Kim

Rostizado by Tres Carnales – Winner Winner Pollo Dinner

It’s been three years since Chris Sills, Dani Braun and Edgar Gutierrez opened the doors of Tres Carnales and introduced authentic Mexican fare to Edmontonians. To say the city has embraced their “tacos for the people” would be an understatement.  Their success garnered them a spot in MacLean’s Magazine’s Top 50 …

IMG_56701_southern belle

Sunday Cocktail: The Florida Belle

This refreshing cocktail’s roots stem from the Ice Pick, a classic southern drink made of vodka, iced tea and lemon. My Florida Belle is a …

The Red Head

Sunday Cocktail: The Red Head

The base model for this cocktail is the Sweet Cherry Ginger Spiked Soda from I didn’t have any fresh bing cherries or St. …


Thanks, Nate, for District Coffee

I think coffee houses could save the world from all that is wrong and evil. People sitting down and conversing with others …


Hot Rosemary-Garlic Ricotta Dip. Simple. Easy. Delicious.

My daughter requested a meatless meal — which was great because it was a warm summer evening and a heavy, involved meal …


A Taverna – A Portuguese Treat in Edmonton

When we walked in to A Taverna, a group of men clustered around the bar were watching a World Cup soccer game …

Bison Slider from The Underground

Taste of Edmonton: Picks and Pans

Taste of Edmonton: Picks and pans – from (The online version can be found here. But, if you want to stay and …


Million Thai – Restaurant Review

I have a soft spot for ethnic restaurants, especially when the owners are people who have come to Canada to make a better …


Bodega – The Little Gem of the Boardwalk

A couple of decades ago (or more), there was a divine restaurant in downtown Edmonton called La Bodega. That was in the …